Picking an agency niche and choosing our goals

Chris and I team up for the inaugural episode of the Agency Startup podcast, chatting through what our agencies do, why we started and why we chose the niche's we're in.

I am the founder of Striqo, a podcasting and video agency, working on it as a side-hustle alongside my full-time job. Chris Higgins is the founder of Electric Monk, a HubSpot technical consultancy, working on it full-time.

We both have different goals as to where we want to take our agencies. I'd like to have a 10-15 person team running £1-2m in revenue, whereas Chris is looking to keep his agency small with no more than 2-3 people in the long term. That doesn't mean we both aren't looking to grow in some way or another.

We discuss the stories behind why we started our respective agencies and what it will take to grow in these early stages. The next episodes will be like therapy for me while I speak to Chris to try and learn what it takes to run an Agency Startup.

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